Merlon International, Inc.

Merlon International, LLC is the holding company for various corporate entities including the wholly owned foreign subsidiary Merlon Petroleum El Fayum Company (MPEFC). The company’s Egyptian oil & gas assets are held by MPEFC.

Merlon and its predecessor companies have operated successfully in Egypt since the early 1980’s. The Merlon team specializes in the identification and subsequent development of hydrocarbons in previously undeveloped areas.

Currently, all of Merlon’s oil and gas assets are located within El Fayum Concession located in the Western Desert of Egypt. As is customary in Egypt, once production is established, activity is conducted through a joint venture operating company in partnership with EGPC (the Egyptian National Oil Company). Initial commercial production was established within El Fayum Concession in the second half of 2009, and Petrosilah is the joint venture company formed shortly thereafter to operate the Concession. As of mid 2017, there have been nearly 100 wells drilled and there are active development / delineation and exploration programs ongoing in the Concession.

The company’s predecessor, Merlon Petroleum Company, operated the Qantara, Mansoura, and Southeast Mansoura concessions in the Nile Delta area and was subsequently sold to Melrose Petroleum in 2006. Prior to that, members of Merlon’s management team led Phoenix Resource Company which discovered the prolific Qarun and Khalda fields in the Western Desert. Phoenix was sold to Apache Corporation in 1996 and was Apache’s initial entrance into Egypt.

Merlon International, LLC, is headquartered in Houston, Texas. MPEFC is a Cayman corporation headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.